Thursday, June 14, 2012

Auditions like crazy.

Updates! Well, I have my new day job and I absolutely love it. I work with TheatreMAMA, a boutique marketing agency for Broadway shows. I love the girls I work with and the work I do. I've also found the skills I use during my day job help tremendously with auditioning.

I have 2 auditions this week. 1 for an award-winning off-Broadway musical, and the other for an indie horror film. You can't get more opposite sides of the spectrum than that! I'm looking forward to both, and to more auditions this week. 

I also had a casting interview last week for a show called 'Dirty Little Lies' on Discovery ID. I have a very good chance of booking 1 of 2 roles that I'm being considered for. 

In other news, I'm beginning to make a list of agencies to submit my materials to. I'm also working on my film reel, which will help tremendously in booking various film/TV gigs. 

Big things happening! I'm loving being able to throw myself back into the business after being on tour for so long. I've found that I actually enjoy auditioning. :)

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