Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The past four months have been indescribable. I have seen many things. Some things I've yearned to see... and some things that I thought I wouldn't see for a long time. I've experienced a lot the past four months and it's really made me examine my life in detail and helped me to refine my goals and my definition of self.

I've been on tour since January and loving it. In the middle of March, I got the call that my Dad was admitted to the hospital. This is not unnecessarily a rare thing, considering that my Dad is 74 and he has some underlying medical issues. In other words, he's a big time smoker. This news made my days on tour a little bit hard to cope with, but I got through each day with a prayer to God to look after my Dad.

On April 1st, I got the call to fly home immediately. My Dad made the decision to stop aggressive treatment and come home to hospice. The hospital wasn't able to tell us how much time we had left, but we knew it wasn't long. On April 22nd, Daddy was called home to be with the 'Old Man'.

I've always intended for this blog to be my primary acting blog/journal, to post about goals and events that happen in my career. But I realize that I should also use it as a personal reflection. The emotions I have are very real, and writing about how I feel, physically, emotionally, and mentally are not only good for me as a human being, but also as an actress. Theatre is a reflection of life, and perhaps one day I will pull this experience out of my little pocket of experiences and use it in a scene or an audition or a song.

I will try to be as honest as possible in the posts to follow.

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