Friday, January 11, 2013

Well friends, it's the new year. And that means resolutions. Plural. Because I can never have just one. So here are a few of mine:

1. Really run this blog. Write more than months at a time.

2. Land an agent for commercial/TV and Theatre.

3. Make auditioning and acting my first priority - even if that means eating ramen for a few weeks to make rent.

4. Explore other creative outlets, such as writing, painting, composing, etc.

5. Live with no regrets and live fully in the moment.

Okay, must run to work. Of course. But I will be back...and with more to write!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I will survive!

Here's a lesson I've learned in the past year, living in NYC:

You must love your survival job. Or you won't survive.

It's really the truth. I've gone from hostess at a west village restaurant, to corn maze worker, to bar maid at an irish bar, etc etc etc. Whew. And those are just the ones I remember having for more than a hot second.

I think the key is, as an actress, is to find a job that allows you to be flexible with your hours, allows you to audition, and doesn't completely drain you of all mental and physical health. Working til 3 AM at a bar, screaming over drunk business men's heads? Not exactly ideal. Although, that is the stereotype for most actresses...being a waitress. No thanks. Been there, done that. Sure, you might make some good cash one night...but the next? Who knows.

Now I currently work as a promotional model for boutique Broadway marketing agency. Meaning, I pass out flyers in red tights, character shoes, and a leotard....oh, and I sing and dance, too. I also promote other shows, but those ones aren't nearly as theatrical. Anyways, this job is actually quite perfect for any actress looking for make some money but also have time to commit to her craft. I give my availability for the week, and that's generally when I work. It also pays incredibly well and gives you the chance to hone your skills and stamina. I mean, who knows...maybe there will be an audition where you have to sing 'All That Jazz'  30 times over. Well, my will own that audition.

I don't know...this little post just crept up on me, and I couldn't help but share my thoughts. So...happy Thursday to you. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tis the season for auditions.

Well, audition season finally beginning to pick up here in NYC and I couldn't be more ready to throw myself into auditions. Or rather, submitting for auditions.

It's been awhile since I've updated, and truthfully it's primarily due to the lack of work for the summer. The summer season is always slow for actors, at least here in the city, unless you've booked a festival gig or summer stock work. I booked neither, because at the time those auditions were going on, I was still on tour. :) But now that I'm back and the weather is beginning to get a little colder, I'm throwing myself 100% into auditions and classes. I'd love to take a class this fall, if I can make enough money. I wish it weren't so expensive to study your craft in the city, but alas, that's the nature of the beast!

Recently, I had a great audition and callback for the Florida Rep's production of 'The Fantasticks'. I felt very strong about my initial audition, but I wasn't entirely sure that they'd give me a callback, because I've already performed the role twice. I thought maybe they'd want to cast someone who is a little more fresh to the role. But I did receive a callback! I felt very confident about my callback, and though they didn't keep me until the end, I know it's because they wanted someone who is fresh to the role, rather than having done it previously. I'd love to work for this company eventually - the feeling in the room was one of great positivity and they gave me great feedback and adjustments. I had a great time - fantastic (heh heh) first audition back!

Recently, I've submitted to:
-'Outfoxed' a new play
- Midtown Arts Center
-Next to Normal
-Babes in Toyland *at Lincoln Center

Most of these shows aren't holding auditions until the end of September or even early October. I hope to be hearing back from them soon with audition times!

Anyways, that's all for now. Hopefully more to report soon. :)