Monday, September 19, 2011

My First BITE of the Big Apple.

Well, I made it! And I've survived two weeks so far!

Here I am, sitting in a Mcdonald's on 52nd Street and 8th Ave, just catching up on life while I wait for the boy to get off work. These past couple of weeks have been pretty successful, I'd say.

On day 2 in the city, I got hired at two different restaurants and a part-time, well-paying weekend job, and signed a lease to a BEAUTIFUL apartment in Brooklyn. I've been told that's pretty crazy for someone who has only been in the city for 2 days. But I'll take it.

After a week, and training at both jobs, I quit one because it did not pay as well and I would not be able to give myself a day off if I worked there. So now I have one restaurant job and the part-time weekend job. Both pay extremely well and I love the people I work with.

NOW. Theatre-wise, it's been a little crazy.

I didn't submit myself for things right away because I thought perhaps having a bed first would be more beneficial. Now that I have a bed, I've been submitting myself, here and there.

So far:
-two film auditions, which I ended up not being able to do the film because of my work schedule and the very short notice on shooting dates.
-1 photo shoot for lipstick that happened today. Very very excited to see the final images. :)

Cheers to the city! It's been a ride so far. More to come later.

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