Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello from Indiana!

Well, I'm currently writing this from inside my cozy room here in Indiana, where I'm doing summer stock until August 1st. This is my second time with the summer stock experience, and I will tell you that it's certainly different from my first experience.

We opened our first show of the season, "Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical Show" last week and the first weekend ended up being quite successful. It's a great show for this town in particular considering the people who live here. They responded very well and hopefully the closing weekend will bring in some great crowds as well. Singing country isn't one of my strong suits, but I've definitely enjoyed developing those skills. Plus, it's Johnny Cash...what's there not to like, right?

Yesterday started the beginning of "The Fantasticks" rehearsals, the second show I'm in. I performed in this role last summer, and I'm very excited to reprise the role with a whole new take on it. We've already begun tablework and I can say with confidence that this show will challenge me mentally, physically, vocally, and emotionally. I can't be more excited. Even though I've done the role before, it's like stepping into the role for the very first time again. I've grown in several ways since I last did the show and I'm looking forward to exploring the character further. The theme of my journey through this show is: "Find the ugly."

I'm learning a lot about myself not only as an actor, but as a person here, which is unexpected. Welcomed, but unexpected.

Side note: I've found a real passion for props. I'm the props mistress for the season, which I didn't think would overwhelm me too much. I was wrong. But I'm grateful that I'm doing it, because I've discovered that I love the research, creativity and crafting involved. Just a thought. :)

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