Friday, May 13, 2011

Officially a college graduate.

It happened. Yesterday, in fact. I graduated college. I walked across the stage as one of my favorite professors read my aloud, with tears streaming down my face. I'm still not sure if those tears were of happiness or sorrow. Probably both. Bittersweet is definitely the word, and even that doesn't do the feelings justice.

Things I will always remember:

-going to the lake before STI, having conversations about Boji.
-going to the dance studio on sundays with no agenda but to just dance
-watching America's Next Top Model with all the girls in Hillcrest
-auditioning for Little Women, getting my first callback in college, and losing sleep over it
-my first sewing class with THE Patti Doyle
-the first time I met Dan. The amount of curse words in one minute was astounding.
-Brandy Bell. Just in general.
-The first week of STI. My body has never hurt so much, but I've never felt more inspired and challenged.
-Hearing my own work being read aloud by someone else for the first time.
-Fairy tale characters at STI.
-Magnetic girl monologue...that still doesn't quite make sense to me.
- Standing in a large circle with everyone in the dance studio, holding onto each other with tears streaming down our faces, as we all sang "I Know Where I Been".
-Realizing how much I really enjoy fencing/sword fighting in combat.
-Realizing how I need to continue to get into shape for this profession.
-My first show on the mainstage, "Ah, Wilderness" and my first show with Lamby.
-not understanding why strikes were so terrible until Boji. And then loving them after Boji.
-"Dear Gumby's, Stephens is drunk. Send pizza. Love, STI."
- getting my first taste of screen acting during my first senior film project, "Lost and Found"
-getting drunk for the first time at Stephens...
-Sexmas party.
-All of Emily's themed parties.
-meeting people at Boji who means more to me than I can express.
-Working my first show at Boji with a cast comprised mainly of professionals.
-The last strike/truck load, sitting with my entire class and faculty on the empty stage at Boji. Realizing the fact that it's our time now. Sharing the love and the space with this wonderful group of women that have bonded so closely over the last 3 months.
-My first big musical lead that truly helped me to grow as an artist.
-Enjoying shop for once? (Kindergarten Wednesdays)
-The Boji Mile
-A true Boji storm....several of them.
-Truly bonding with some of the most amazing women I will ever meet over late night bonfires.
-Being artistically challenged and changed throughout the summer at Boji.
-spending my last year in college living with one of the craziest, coolest girls.
-the entire experience surrounding my senior recital
-"Paper Girl", perhaps one of my favorite film experiences in all of my time at Stephens.
-Nuts and Bolts...and realizing how scary, difficult, and exciting the real world will be.
-Stevies...and my final week at Stephens. Never have I cried so much in one week.

This list could go on for days, but I'll stop it here.
I love all of my Stephens ladies. Thanks for the last 3 years.

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