Monday, September 13, 2010

Ode to Uta... oh Uta.

Uta Hagen. The 'It' girl of modern theatre theory. Teacher of the Stanislavski method. The woman whose theory on acting I will honor in these next couple of posts. What better way to get to know someone than answer the 9 questions?

Fact: The 9 questions are a set of questions that Uta Hagen has determined will help define, shape, and reform your character's inner self. The first question is...

Who am I?

I'm Melissa. I'm 20. I'm an Aquarius. I'm incredibly driven, and I have an unrealistic, but positive outlook on my life.  I am a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend. I have a huge heart and I'm relatively sensitive. I consider myself protective. I'm all about my family. I worry too much. I'm very impulsive. I'm emotional. I procrastinate and I try to fight against that impulse all...the...time. I might not finish this blog post.

I'm dedicated. I'm very curious... about everything. I'm energetic. I care a lot about my friends. I am not always confident in my appearance, but who is? I'm independent. I'm wishful. I make a lot of mistakes and I usually learn from them. I overanalyze everything. I stress out too much and I worry about being able to measure up to my own standards, which are very high. I compare myself to others too often, and I don't always appreciate my own values enough. I've just recently learned to stop doing that.

I'm 5"4. I've got brown hair, and brown eyes. I'm very pale and I'm proud of it. I used to have a gap in my teeth, but I got that fixed 2 years ago. I'm still kind of fond of that old gap, though.

I prefer to spend a chill evening at home, with friends, rather than party the night away. That's not to say that I don't like to party, though. :) I love being around people. I need to be around people. That's the actress in me.

So, this is a general overview

Here's to the beginning of this blog journey.

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