Saturday, September 25, 2010

Number 2....and a few auditions

Question number 2: Where am I?

Where am I? Well Uta, currently I'm sitting in a not-so-comfy chair behind a desk at my work. I've got 2 hours of work left. Let's see, I'm also...

-7 months away from graduating.
- almost 3 weeks away from the 3 year mark in my personal relationship.
- at a point where I'm just excited to see where things go in the future...
-ready for the next big project

Okay, not as in depth as it should be...but that's all I have for right now.

So, most recently I had two audition experiences, both completely different. The first was for "All My Sons", at my school. It was one of the worst auditions I've ever had. I used a monologue from "Another Part of the Forest" by Lillian Hellman, which was a great piece. I was stupid enough to depend on myself to memorize the monologue 2 days before the audition. I felt fine going into the room, I was confident and had no nerves. I started my monologue...and couldn't get past the first two lines. I tried three times to remember my monologue and just...couldn't! I don't know what happened! Thankfully the director was so kind and patient with me, and let me come back in after a few people and perform for her again. The second time I performed,  I got through the monologue, but I did not feel as connected as I could've been. However, I did make a choice at the end, and I tagged my piece. (Tagging your piece means giving a strong physical gesture or choice before delivering your last line to spark interest and to remain rememberable.) The director gave me some feedback, which I agreed with, and I was on my way.

I did not expect a callback at ALL. I was on the way home when I got the call about my callback. Really? I was completely in shock. But it happened! So, I went into my callback the next day, researched, refreshed, and ready to go. I got to read with a friend who I've worked with before and who I love working with. We read our scene once, the director said she enjoyed it, asked our height, and our conflicts. Excellent.

The cast list went up yesterday and I was not on it, but I felt good about my callback, so I'm satisfied. I felt like I redeemed myself at the callback which is what's important to me.

Audition #2: Film audition.

Yesterday, I auditioned for a low-budget film that I was invited to audition for by the director. Although it was deemed 'low budget', the audition process seemed a lot more professional than other film auditions I've attended. I was impressed! It was held at a photo shoot center, so they had proper lighting equipment, a camera, and a stool to sit on if we wanted. Also, the writers, the producer, and the director were all present. It felt very official. So, I performed a monologue for them (Smoking Lessons, by Julia Jorden) and then performed my side that they provided.

The reading of the side went well. I performed it once, they gave adjustments. (Be less theatrical, a little slower, a little more dream like.) So I did it a second time and they complimented me on the second reading.

So I guess we'll see...shooting is in February, which will likely end up conflicting with UPTAS and Midwest auditions.

 I suppose we'll see what happens!

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