Thursday, December 2, 2010

Go Away, Senioritis.

I think I have it. I think I have Senioritis. I've just been feeling like I have no work ethic, recently. And the thing is...I feel guilty about it. But I keep feeling less unprepared and less motivated than normal. And I know I'm not performing to the best of my abilities. I know that I have so much more that I can give...I just can't find it in myself to give it. It's almost like I'm intimidated by the work....and I shouldn't be. I need to suck it up, wake up to the reality of only being in school for 5 more months, and give every assignment my best.

Here's what's happened recently:

Disney Auditions:
Cait and I traveled to Florida two Wednesdays ago, on the 17th of November. We landed in Orlando that night, did some prep work, (aka, watch Disney movies) and rested. On the 18th, we went to our Disney audition. The call was for Parade Performers/Disney Face Character Look-a-likes. I can't speak too specifically about the audition process for Disney's sake, but I can say that it was very successful. Cait and I both successfully completed the audition and made it into the 'character pool'. It's a waiting list of sorts. That means that anytime within the next 6 months, we could get a call.

Mock Commercial Auditions:
These happened two weeks ago, before I left for Orlando. I did not feel great about these. It's all about preparation and I certainly did not prepare enough. We were given a little blurb to memorize, but it was also written on a cue card to the side of the camera, that we could use. Arrived roughly 5 minutes before I was supposed to go, and I definitely didn't have time to memorize the blurb. I should've planned more accordingly. I think I did relatively well - I looked at the cue card more than I would've liked and that's one of the adjustments I was given. I was then asked to come up with a story about Comcast (that's what my commercial was for, by the way) and how it affected me personally. I talked about how much I love to watch "Glee" on Hulu and how faster internet speeds made that easier for me. It was completely off the top of my head, but it worked. I'm receiving feedback tomorrow on these auditions, as well as my TV auditions. Looking forward to improving on everything.

Mock TV Auditions:
Once again, I slacked on preparation. I realize how important it is, I just need to take it more seriously. I worked on the sides for about 20 minutes last night, and watched the first episode of the show. I grasped who the character was that I was reading for, and I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to do. I got into the audition room and found out that they were running very early, and even though I showed up 10 minutes before my time, it was still not enough time because I went into the audition immediately. Lesson learned. Show up at least 15 or 20 minutes early...just in case. I should always tack on extra time for myself, because I know I take longer to get ready than I plan for. Anyways, I did both sides twice. My adjustments were to talk slower, and mean everything you say. And that I need to make sure she remembers that I'm her best friend. I stuttered over a few lines and I had to look down at my script often, but I tried to make as much eye contact as I could. I'm also fighting a cold right now, so my voice was not in the best place and I was trying not to be congested. Afterwards, I got to play 'reader' for two auditions and had a blast doing that. I almost feel better being a reader than I do about the actual audition. Either way, I had fun. I enjoy doing TV/ Film. Next semester should be a blast with the TV/Film acting class.  I get feedback tomorrow on this audition, so I'll write about that soon.

2 weeks until the end of the semester.
5 months til I graduate.

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